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5. January 2013 17:07
by CMunro

Advertising - Bang for Your Buck!

5. January 2013 17:07 by CMunro | 0 Comments

So you've made some money, now where to put those refinishing dollars?

Newspaper advertising (newspaper, town paper, phone book, etc) is a thing of the past for us, but if you do choose that route the best advice I have for you is consistency. Keep the same ad in the same location for at least a year.   Your newspaper advertising has little chance of succeeding if it doesn’t get noticed.  Consistency can be everything in newspaper advertising. The phone book has always been an expensive, but extremely effective form of advertising; however, in today’s internet society yellow page advertising essentially has become a "loss leader."  I can’t remember the last time I opened a phone book!  Can you?

Ok, I agree that’s not true for everybody. Though the demographic is shrinking the yellow pages can still be quite effective especially now that the phone book companies will try anything to sell phone book advertising!   And let’s face it, a large portion of homeowners with bathtubs as old as themselves still let their "fingers do the walking" and most likely are not reading this post!
Signage/Lettering on the side of your vehicle is by far one of the most cost-effective advertising campaigns a company can use. A typical company vehicle on the road making daily service calls will result in millions of visual impressions a year.  In your target market area your mobile advertising will be seen by thousands daily.  At the same time, the company that creates our van lettering makes our lawn signs. Another great, cost-effective advertisement that we utilize, only leaving at job sites we will be returning to (we put them up when we start, and take them down when we leave, but in the meantime, anyone in the area knows that their neighbor has put enough trust into our company, to let us into their home and refinish their bathtub, shower, tile, etc...). 

And then there's the 800 pound gorilla.  The internet.  It's simply the future of advertising.  We have essentially put most of our advertising eggs in the website basket. Whether you build your own site or hire a web development company, you must look professional, stay on top of it, and always have current content. It can be quite expensive, but without it you will be dead in the water.

The number one advertisement of course, and I’m sure this goes without saying, is “referrals.”  Unfortunately, it takes years and years to acquire a good referral base. 40 years and still rocking in the bathtub refinishing industry, and believe me when I tell you that Costumer service is #1 in our company! Having good customer service is a great way to ensure referrals.

There are many ways to build excellent Customer Service. Start with being on top of it right from the first call. No voice-mails, No answering machines, No “have to get back to you” calls. Also, I‘ve always believed in having a business line. If no one’s there to answer calls, have the calls transferred to your cell phone. Make the company extremely accessible.  When there’s a problem with the work that was preformed is when your reputation is most on the line. Be accessible, concerned, and prompt with correcting the issue. No matter how big or small the problem may be I’ve found taking care of it in this fashion relieves customer anxiety, as well as cures most negative feelings.  In other words when they realize you care about them, they will always have good things to say about you and your company.  I’ve always believed that you do one good job and you’re lucky if three people hear about it. Do one bad job and you can bet twenty people will hear about it!

So have great customer service and quality workmanship, and it'll be the best advertising you'll ever get!

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