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1. January 2013 12:47
by CMunro

First Thing's First - Get the Right Sprayer!

1. January 2013 12:47 by CMunro | 0 Comments

This being the first post for "Craig's Refinishing Tips for Professionals" I thought we could start it off with a frequently asked question by the “new” refinishers:

Question:  “What type of Sprayer do I use?”

Answer: High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP). HVLP Spray Systems consists of a Turbine Unit, a Hose and a Gun. Spray Tech, Titan, Graco, Fuji, Wagner, etc, are just a handful of many to choose from.  The price you want to spend and the reviews you will read will help determine your choice of system.  Here are a few of the traits I look for in selecting the spray systems for our company.    

Let’s begin with the most important part of the spray system, the Gun.  Always test drive the gun before you buy. After 20 years and spraying thousands of bath fixtures I’ve found comfort is very important. The weight of the gun, how it fits in my hand and the balance are all factors I pay extra attention to.   Ease of the fluid and air adjustments will be just as important. As a reminder, a #3 or #4 fluid set is used to spray Shurbond Top Coat finish.

On to the Turbines: Turbine units come in 2, 3, 4 and 5 stages.  The stages are determined by how many Fans (Blades) the turbine unit has. The amount of blades provided corresponds to the amount of pressure and amount of air the turbine unit will produce. Two (2) stage units are used for thinner materials, stains, lacquers, etc. Thicker materials will need more power.  We use 3 and 4 stage machines. Btw, A machine with a good cup holder is always a plus!!

The Hose:  Hoses tend to be very bulky, heavy and a common cause of operator fatigue. I always choose a flexible hose, it reduces fatigue on those long spray jobs. 25’-30’ max lenth.

To sum It all up, comfort, ease, power and mobility of a new spray system are important characteristics to be taken seriously. Always remember, the more comfort  and ease of the equiptment, the happier the technician, the better the final product..

Happy Spraying.
- CM

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