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3. May 2013 13:53
by CMunro

Fresh Air - It's a hassle, but it's worth it!

3. May 2013 13:53 by CMunro | 0 Comments

It’s easy to use a fresh air respirator system when you’re spraying one bathtub a day, or maybe even one every other day, and I’d definitely say you’d be crazy not to. The safety reasons alone justify it!  But, when you or your guys have multiple projects a day, small bathrooms to contend with, outlets to find, never ending equipment to drag around, and time is forever taunting you, that is when the fresh air system becomes nothing but a pain, annoying obligation, and hassle to deal with!   After talking with many refinishers the consensus seems to be: the toughest part of a fresh air respirator system is convincing yourself to use it!

One of our dealers I recently spoke with compared it to wearing your seatbelt. My younger audience won’t relate, but as we all know, a lifetime ago it was not a law to wear your seatbelt, and when it became a law many people in driving force simply refused to wear it!  Anyway, many fines and years later, we all wear it and couldn’t imagine not "clicking in." We also don’t smoke on airplanes anymore, but we used too (imagine if we still did)!  The same goes with the fresh air systems.

Quite a few veterans find it hard to believe that they once didn’t utilize one.  It definitely takes a little time to get used too, but I know by experience it eventually becomes part of the daily routine. And for sure, no doubt about it, a comfortable calm fresh spraying area will yield a better outcome, a happier customer, satisfied bosses, and even YOU in your van, pulling away from the job, will feel much better, refreshed and ready for the next tub.   I personally guarantee it! 

Tip: Regardless of the style respirator (fresh Air system) you choose; always have proper ventilation, wear gloves, eye protection and a spray suit. Cartridge respirators are adequate if used properly, but be sure the cartridge is approved before using. Replace the cartridges after each use, and pay special attention to the changing schedule when using strippers! Be sure the face piece fits properly and is maintained.

Remember, buckle up, it saves lives! Wink

Happy Spraying,
- CM