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17. February 2013 17:47
by CMunro

Dive In! Refinishing Pools, Slides, and Baptismal Pools

17. February 2013 17:47 by CMunro | 0 Comments

Is it hard to refinish fixtures submerged in water most of the time?  Baptismal, swimming pools, hot tubs etc I don’t know, personally I don’t think so…  A little bit of knowledge and absolutely the proper tools and materials will give you a successful ending result that will look pretty nice and always yield a great profit.   I’ve done a few swimming pools, slides, and even baptismal pools, and all have been easy (brush and roll) and very much successful!   Online you can find as much advice as you will need to prep and prepare whatever substrate you are painting. EpoxySeal-XL  will take you home!        


Happy Refinishing!-CM

13. February 2013 17:44
by CMunro

A Word Too the Wise: Cost vs Quality (and Peace of Mind)

13. February 2013 17:44 by CMunro | 0 Comments

It’s not the cost of the products you buy!  It’s the distance of both cost and loss…. Think…. How far does your Topcoat go? How many “call backs” and “problems” does your organization have?  Remember both cost and loss.   For years Tub Refinishing, Inc has been offering a 15 yr warranty to our bathtub refinishing customers.  Why?  Because we can!  Its’ been about 25 years since Tub Refinishing, Inc / Munro products started testing our wipe-on Seal-Lok™ Pre-Primer for the marble industry. Through our testing, we began to see the value of Seal-Lok for Pre-Priming acid resistant bathtubs, for the clear coating of any fixtures and for application when etching is not necessary.   Seal-Lok has truly improved our industry and has made the work easier with a lot less call backs. 

Refinishing Tip 101: Sometimes it Pays to Pay!

Happy Wiping…